Bizarre Facts About Famous Men — Alexander Graham Bell


This is another drawing series which was initially inspired by my Fact-a-day desk calendar. It had a couple of little fact snippets on 2 separate pages: Thomas Jefferson had a pet mockingbird named Dick and Who wrote the lead artilce for Readers’ Digest #1(1922)? Alexander Graham Bell.

I wanted to present real, honest, verified, slightly odd facts about historical figures in a single panel drawing. I didn’t want to present completely made up jokey factoids… that seemed too easy.

Also, whenever possible I tried to keep the objects I would need to depict as close to reality as they appeared, so the phonautograph and Reader’s Digest #1 pictured above are modeled on images of the real deal. I also decided to only do men because poking a bit of fun at men seemed a bit more fun, plus I’m guessing it’s easier to find bizarre facts about famous men.

Anyway, as you probably already know, Scottish scientist, educator and inventor Alexander Graham Bell was very a very accomplished person. He was particularly interested in studying the transmission of sound and working with the deaf, having been raised by two deaf parents.

His article for Reader’s Digest was about keeping young mentally.

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