Yarn Crow


This drawing was inspired by watching a hockey game between the St. Louis Blues and Nashville Predators. I kept hearing the commentators refer to a player as “Yarn Crow” and thinking “that’s a weird name”. I decided to look him up and decided if I was hearing his name wrong, I’d do a Yarn Crow drawing; if his name was really Yarncrow or something like that, it’s not a drawing. After all, I’m not a fan of the Predators, why do a drawing based on one of their players?

Well, I found out the commentators were referring to Swedish hockey player Calle Järnkrok and although it was similar enough that I understood why I misheard it, I decided it was also different enough for me to do the drawing, as I had started getting a mental image of a Yarn Crow in my head.

I basically started by looking at a picture of a crow, finding the pose I liked, then applying various textured objects on the pencil sketch, thinking the whole time of what objects could be used in constructing a folksy decoration such as this, which ended up being scissor-blade beak, marble eyes and fork feet.

Interestingly, when I mash a couple of words together, I like to ask Google if somebody else has used the odd phrase I’ve come up with. That’s how I came across this video of a girl having some yarn fun in a rather creepy manner.

By the way, the Blues won the game 5 to 4 in a shootout.

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