Jim Backus drawingJim Backus!

This is the fourth drawing in my series of iconic, kind of crinkly-faced television actors from the 1970’s. It is probably the least successful in actually looking like the person I was trying to draw.

I based the expression on a picture of Jim Backus posing with a Mr. Magoo puppet, but I wanted to capture Mr. Backus in his more prominent role of Thurston Howell III from Gilligan’s Island, so I slapped the captain’s hat he wore on that show atop his head.

I’m not sure what is missing from the drawing in the way of Backusishness. Is his face too smooth? Is it the proportions and placement of nose to mouth? The eyes? Is it the eyes? I’m still just not sure.

Sorry, Jim Backus! Maybe I’ll try again someday.

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