Pope Lick Monster

The Pope Lick Monster

This drawing is another in a series of cryptozoological creatures rumored to have been sighted in the United States. It seems that every state has some sort of unusual, preternatural beast whose lore is spread by sporadic eyewitness accounts. Generally, the cryptozoological entities fall into the “Pretty Much Bigfoot” or “Pretty Much the Loch Ness Monster” categories, but the odder ones, the truly unusual, really freaky ones like the Pope Lick Monster are considerably more interesting to me.


The Pope Lick Monster is essentially a goat-man that has been spotted near the train bridge that crosses the Pope Lick creek near Louisville, Kentucky which spans over 700 feet. Legends purport that the monster lures victims to cross the trestle bridge using either hypnosis or a sort of siren song and while in a mesmerized state, they are struck by an oncoming train, or driven to leap off of the bridge.

The Pope Lick Monster’s origin is unknown but various stories abound which range from the creature being an offspring produced from some human/goat bestiality, or a vengeful, mistreated circus freak which survived a train derailment, or even the product of a Satanic farmer who sacrificed a drove of goats in a ritualistic pact.

There is a quite awesome photo which looks to be taken from a hunting camera of the Pope Lick Monster which you can easily find with an image search. I do recommend.

About the drawing:

Well, I drew this using sepia and black inks but it appears I scanned it in as a grayscale image. Oops. I tried to ignore the photos I’d seen online and conjure up an image of the Pope Lick Monster based solely on the descriptions I had read, but I did reference the trestle bridge and “Goatman Lives” graffiti visually when drawing. I’m not sure the composition is entirely harmoniously appealing to the eye, but the intent here is to provoke a feeling of dis-ease, juxtaposing the awkward forward lean of the Pope Lick Monster’s body with the unnatural bend of the bridge.

Happy Halloween!

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